Seasonal Fruit, Salad, and Vegetables Boxes

produce may change in boxes due to season 

Mixed box

1 Iceberg5 Bananas2 Leeks1 Spring CabbageBunch 5 Vine Tomatoes6 Eggs1 Punnet Strawberries5 Satsumas or similar1 2L Milk2 Baking Potatoes1 Cauliflower....
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mixed value box

2kg Potatoes 1 Brocoli6 Eggs1 Bread 1 2L Milk 500g Carrots500g Sprouts500g Onions2 Bananas2 Nadacots 2 ApplesSome items may change due to season and s...
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Salad Box

1 bunch cherry vine tomatoes 1 cucumber 1 spring onions 1 Iceberg 1 500g washed Salad  potatoes 1 green pepper1 red peppers 1 Celery 2 red onions   1 ...
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Sunday dinner box

picture for illustration only2 kg Potatoes1 Savoy1 pkt Beans2 Leeks1 Cauliflower 1 Broccoli500g Carrots3 Onions3 Parsnips.500g Sprouts1 Swede1 Spring ...
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